Things We Learned in 2020

Overall, 2020 was certainly not the best year on record – that is for sure. But it was a year where we experienced and learned (too) many new things.

We learned that people can come together in amazing ways to help each other. Frontline workers and many essential workers put others ahead of their own safety and provided much-needed services. We also learned of daily acts of kindness that were performed throughout the year. On the other hand, we also learned that as humans, we can also be a bit set in our ways at times and hesitant to change. And we truly learned the sadness of losing friends and loved ones.

We learned that both people and businesses are quick to adapt. Many businesses began manufacturing PPE and other needed products by adapting their resources. Both businesses and people learned what Zoom is and how to utilize it, and we learned how to work from home when it is possible. The food industry had to drastically change their business models, many offering to-go meals for the first time. At the same time, outdoor only dining was introduced, along with other new services such as cook at home meals, and let’s not forget alcohol delivery. We learned what remote learning is. We learned how to navigate a televisit with our medical professionals and found it to be a pretty great thing. The film industry learned how to release new films through streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon. My niece loved Mulan on Disney Plus! And we also learned we can purchase anything and everything from the comfort of our sofa, even an automobile!

With so much more time on our hands, many of us took up new hobbies and learned how to create arts and crafts projects, among other things, to pass the time. We saw record sales in-home fitness equipment (I bought a treadmill), jigsaw puzzles (yup, I put several of those together), guitars, meal delivery services like HelloFresh and Blue Apron, and of course, face masks. We also took binge-watching to a whole new level.

Some of these things will carry on into this year and beyond. Some will fall by the wayside as we move along, but I think 2020 will have a lasting impression on how things are done moving forward. I think medical televisits and increased telecommuting are two things that will be more of the norm into the future, along with others.

Oh yeah, and we also learned that there apparently isn’t an endless supply of toilet paper. 😉

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