Xstamper is the World’s Greatest!…

On December 25, 2017, Xstamper® was featured on the TV series World’s Greatest!… World’s Greatest!… features only the best of the best products and services from businesses across the country.  Due to its unparalleled quality and craftsmanship, Xstamper® was chosen to represent the rubber stamp industry.

As a vertically integrated company, Shachihata controls the manufacturing process from start-to-finish.  All the components of XstamperSELRES_21b1413f-b692-4b10-96cd-ba8a7b8d0046SELRES_3378b6e8-3a60-47ea-b58e-7776c346b662®SELRES_3378b6e8-3a60-47ea-b58e-7776c346b662SELRES_21b1413f-b692-4b10-96cd-ba8a7b8d0046 sta stamps, are produced by Shachihata.  Even the select group manufacturers authorized to produce finished Xstampers have been carefully chosen because of their commitment to quality.


Everyday millions of people around the world turn to Xstamper® rubber stamps to assist them in their personal and professional lives.  They know they’ll be getting a clean, sharp laser-cut impression every time, without messy ink pads.  Each and every Xstamper® is the product of superior technology and is capable of 50,000 impressions before re-inking is necessary.  Most important of all, they know that the Xstamper® they hold in their hand comes with a lifetime guarantee.