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Shachihata Xstamper has decided to launch our official blog.  We just had a meeting and decided a blog was a great way to communicate what’s new at Shachihata.  Periodically we will issue a new blog post with the latest information on the products and services we offer.

New product launch?  You’ll hear it here first.

Upcoming tradeshow?  We’ll tell you where we’re going to be and what products/services we’ll be showing.

We’ll also we be here just to share the latest happenings in and around Shachihata.  Maybe it’s an employee birthday party, a Halloween costume contest or how we’re celebrating Earth Day…whatever it is, you will find it on our company blog.

And perhaps most important, this will be a place for you to communicate with us.  Have a comment you’d like to share?  We’d love to hear from you.

We hope you’ll follow along and be a part of our new endeavor!

Innovation at Creativation

We will be exhibiting at the 2023 Creativation by NAMTA in Columbus, OH, from April 2nd through April 4th. Namta® is The Association of the art/creative materials industry members and is internationally recognized as a leader and a unifying force in the Fine Art, Craft, and Creative Materials Industry.

We are excited to be part of Creativation and to have the chance to show all of you our latest and greatest products. Be sure to have a look at our high-quality products, including our Artline® SUPREME and Artline Decorite® lines of markers, and do yourself a favor and check out our new, unique, and dare we say amazing Colour Palette Stamper; we promise, this stamp is unlike anything you have seen before. You have to see it to believe it. So if you are looking to up your arts and crafts game or maybe add a new tool or two to your creative arsenal, be sure to visit us at booth #260. See you there!

More New Market Adventures | Creativation by Namta

In our continued pursuit of new markets, we are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at Creativation by Namta in Columbus, OH, from April 2-4, 2023. In a previous blog, we discussed “parallel play” as a strategy to navigate your chosen new market. But how do you decide which new market to enter? That’s what we’re trying to answer here.

So you know you want to expand your business, and you believe there are other untapped markets for your products. What now? An article from Inc. suggests 5 steps…

1. Define the Market

This may seem obvious, but it’s critical not to skip this step. This is really just a list of attributes that potential customers in this new market may have; they include “demographics, location, and common interests or needs of your target customers.” In other words, who are these customers?

So, who is Namta? What is Creativation? Let’s define this market. Namta is an association of art/creative materials industry members. Or, put another way, Namta members are resellers of arts and crafts products. Creativation is the tradeshow Namta puts on to introduce its members to suppliers of arts and crafts products. For us, as a supplier, we have to consider more than just Namta members; we also have to consider their customers, the end-users, because it’s those customers that really make up the market. Demographics vary widely. People of all ages, genders, ethnicity, income brackets, etc., can be artists, so demographics aren’t really a defining factor here. (Side note: if you break this larger market down, you can find various segments that do offer some unique demographic characteristics, but for the purposes of this blog, we’ll take a wider, more generalized approach). Artists and crafters are located around the world, so no help there. Common interests are what define this market. And what are those common interests? Well, the fact that they’re artists and crafters, of course. As such, we can identify/target these people by their hobbies, jobs, and schools.

2. Perform Market Analysis

Research is crucial before entering a new market. “You’ll want to develop an in-depth understanding of market growth rates, forecasted demand, competitors, and potential barriers to entry.”

The arts and crafts market is expected to grow 3.9% annually through 2026 when it will be valued at $54,530 million. This tells us there’s an opportunity for our products here.

Forecasted demand can be quite tricky. How do you put together a forecast when you don’t yet know how customers will react to your products? This is where market research comes in. You’ll want to put together consumer surveys, hold focus groups or depth interviews, and observe potential customers with your product. You’ll also want a healthy mix of qualitative and quantitative research. The bottom line is that you need feedback to determine how customers feel about your product and how best to market it in order to create a forecast.

Knowing who your competitors are, their strengths, and their weaknesses are among the most important hurdles to entering a new market. The competition is established; you’re the new kid on the block. If you want to enter the market successfully, you’ll need to find your place in it, your niche. As we enter the arts and crafts market, we’ll be looking at the craft side as opposed to fine arts. We determined our products are more likely to compete there.

Navigating potential barriers to entry is, in this blogger’s opinion, the biggest challenge here, and this is because they come in so many forms. Some common barriers of entry are “technology challenges, government regulations, patents, start-up costs, or education and licensing requirements.”

For entry into the arts and crafts market, we must consider various certifications and other market-driven forces. We must consider whether the product would be more successful with an AP mark, CE mark, acid-free, Prop. 65 compliant, RoHS compliant, anti-microbial, and more. For us and our products, we determined that AP certification, Prop. 65 compliance, and acid-free are the most important certifications, given the age groups (mostly adults), region (the U.S.), and consumer needs that our products fill. Patents…we have. We are not a start-up. And, there are minimal education and licensing requirements.

3. Assess Internal Capabilities

Every organization has limits, no matter the size or structure. You should ask yourself the following questions: “How much of our core competencies can we leverage? Do we have sales channels/infrastructure/relationships in place? What time-to-market considerations exist?”

Since the earliest days of Shachihata, we have been hyper-focused on quality and service. We see no good reason to approach this market any differently, as these values resonate with resellers and consumers everywhere. As a firmly established organization, we already have a myriad of sales channels/infrastructure/relationships in place. Unfortunately, however, we do not have them in this market. Still, we will leverage our years of experience and will create/forge new infrastructure and relationships. Fortunately for us, we don’t have any time-to-market considerations as our current product line-up has long been available in other countries. We simply need to bring that product to the U.S. for distribution.

4. Prioritize and Select Markets

In this step, the organization must find its niche in the new market. The organization should find the areas or categories within the market that provide the best strategic fit(s) with our products, as well as our ability to serve them. “Are there gaps in this marketplace that we can fill (and do so better than our competitors)? What value do we deliver to this market and how much are they willing to pay for it?”

We have identified the crafting portion of this market as the best fit for our products. A key here is that the organization must be honest with itself. There are some great companies out there that produce really good fine art markers in an insanely large variety of colors and nib sizes and shapes. We understand that’s not our strength. However, we do manufacture some of the highest-quality marking instruments that crafters could only dream of. We have a variety of brush markers and pens in the SUPREME, StiX, and Decorite lines. Our metallic ink markers (including those available in a calligraphy-style nib) are on every crafter’s must-have list. And our poster markers have been satisfying consumer needs for more than 30 years!

Now, as to the question of value… Again, our commitment to quality is always our starting point. Our goal is always to produce a quality product at a reasonable price. We do not aim to be the cheapest on the market. We aim to be the best. And we do this while trying to maintain a sensible price point that consumers will appreciate. That’s the value you can expect from Artline and Shachihata.

5. Develop Market Entry Options

This is the final step. It’s where the rubber meets the road…or perhaps, the marker meets the paper. We’ve defined and analyzed the market, assessed our internal capabilities, and selected the appropriate segment(s) within the market for our product. What now? Now, we determine the best market entry mode for the firm. There are many types of market entry options depending on the circumstances of the entry. The most common modes of entry are direct investment, acquisition, joint ventures, and licensing. We won’t define each one here. That’s what Google is for :).

As an organization founded more than 50 years ago in the U.S. and having had existing and wide-ranging knowledge of the marking industry, we will use direct investment. Which brings us full circle. The first step in that direct investment will be exhibiting at Creativation by Namta. We will be bringing our craft-marking instruments to the show, and we can’t wait to meet all the wonderful attendees (and other exhibitors). We have many exciting activities lined up for the show. So, stop by booth 260 to try our products out for yourself!

What Difference a Century Makes

Here at Shachihata, we are nearing our 100th Anniversary in 2025. As I thought about all the changes that have occurred in our company alone, I thought it might be fun to spend a moment and look at how our world has changed during the last century. Interestingly enough, in 1923, the world was just 4 years removed from its own pandemic. Let’s see what has changed and what else hasn’t…

1923 – Life expectancy was 57 years
2023 – Life expectancy is 76 years
1923 – Average U.S. salary was $3,269
2023 – Average U.S. salary is $54,132
1923 – Median home price was $6,296
2023 – Median home price is $385,800
1923 – Average price of a gallon of gasoline was $0.22
2023 – Average price of a gallon of gasoline was $3.49
1923 – Average cost of an automobile was $525
2023 – Average cost of an automobile is $40,273
1923 – Monthly rent average in New York City was $60
2023 – Monthly rent average in New York City is $3,345
1923 – The cost of a dozen eggs was $0.07
2023 – The cost of a dozen eggs is $4.25
1923 – The cost of a wedding was $400
2023 – The cost of a wedding is $28,000
1923 – The cost of a movie ticket was $0.15
1923 – The cost of a movie ticket was $9.17
1923 – One gallon of milk costs $0.33
2023 – One gallon of milk costs $4.52
Major U.S Populations

1920 census – 2,701,705
2020 census – 2,747,231
Los Angeles
1920 census – 576,673
2020 census – 3,849,297
New York
1920 census – 5,620,048
2020 census – 8,804,190
1923 – Average work week was 50 hours
2023 – Average work week is 34.4 hours
Most Popular Mode of Transportation

1923 – Trains
2023 – Automobiles
Cost of One Year of College Tuition (only) at Stanford University

1923 – $160
2023 – $57,693

After looking back at the difference and similarities between 1923 and 2023, it’s safe to say that the only thing that has remained the same (more or less) is the population of Chicago, IL. Isn’t that interesting…

But this is a Shachihata blog. What changes has Shachihata seen? Well, here’s the quick story of the Mannen stamp pad…

Prior to 1925 and the development of the Mannen stamp pad by Shachihata, stamp pads had to be inked each time they were used – crazy right? The Mannen stamp pad introduced continuous stamp use without ink needing to replenish the ink. It was groundbreaking but was not quickly accepted by the public. Shachihata decided to give away the stamp pads as gifts to the police, local government offices, banks, and other public institutions. Their use verified the effectiveness of the new product and sales finally took off.

What changes will the next 100 years bring?

Come By and See What’s New!!

The International Personalization & Awards Expo is just around the corner, February 7-10, 2023, at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. We are super excited to have the opportunity to share our new and compelling products and ideas with you, as well as just getting the chance to do a little catching up.

Along with the World’s Greatest Stamp, the Xstamper®, we will be showcasing a vase array of marking products, some of which will be shown for the first time. We’ll be demo-ing the LX-7001 Shachihata Laser Engraving System and the Xstamper QuiX Pre-Inked Stamp Making System. We’ll also have a variety of finished custom and stock stamps, markers, and more!

So drop by booth #736 and say hello and see what’s happening at Shachihata.

Get Your Free (non-member) Expo Pass Here!

Artline Professional Series

In our previous blog about the National Hardware Show, we mentioned our Professional Series markers, which are designed to take the guesswork out of identifying the best marker for each job. We thought we would take a moment this time to share more details about each marker in the series.

Builders Markers – 2.3mm bullet tip Builders Markers are ideal for use on wood, sandstone, styrene foam, and other rough surfaces, ensuring the right marking tool is close by regardless of the situation. A thick opaque paint ink ensures markings can be seen from a distance and won’t fade over time. And it’s UV-resistant! Available in black and white ink.

Concrete Markers – 1.5mm bullet tip Concrete Markers are instant-drying and ideal for use on rough surfaces, including concrete, brick, grout, and more. The durable, long-lasting nib ensures all markings and measurements will be done with a precision line. Available in black ink.

Electricians Markers – 0.4 fine tip / 1.0mm bullet tip twin-nib Electricians Markers offer a convenient twin tip with a non-conductive plastic barrel and ink that has both a bullet and fine nib. Ideal for use on plastic, wires, plasterboard, and electrical tags. Available in black and orange ink.

Exterior Markers – 1.5mm bullet tip Exterior Markers are designed to be used anywhere marking needs to withstand the natural elements. Ideal for use on multiple exterior surfaces such as wood, plastic, metal, and stone. Incorporates light- and UV-resistant ink that is instant-drying and long-lasting. Available in black ink.

Gardeners Markers – 2.3mm bullet tip Gardeners Markers are designed to be used for marking across the garden. From pots and plant ID tags, to the leaves themselves, Gardeners Markers are perfect for anyone with a green thumb! They are also waterproof and UV-resistant. Available in black, white, and silver.

General Purpose Markers – 1.5mm bullet tip General Purpose Markers are instant-drying permanent markers for use on a wide variety of surfaces, including steel, glass, tile, and plastic. This is the do-everything marker! Available in black and red ink.

Plumbers Markers – 1.5mm bullet tip Plumbers Markers are ideal for use on most wet surfaces, including pipes, plastic, metal, and copper. The unique, proprietary ink formula allows for marking on wet surfaces, ensuring pipes and other materials can be written on no matter the conditions. Available in black and red ink.

Be sure to stop by booth #SL10194 at the National Hardware Show #NHS2023 and see these markers for yourself. We’ll have demo stations set up, and we’d love your feedback, as we’re quite proud of this new product line!

Adventures in New Markets | The National Hardware Show

Whenever a business attempts to enter a new market or create a new market altogether, there is a considerable amount of risk and the possibility of success.

Expanding into new markets helps businesses adapt to changes in consumer needs and industry trends. Once a business identifies a new market to enter and has the products that they believe will make an impact in that market, the real fun begins. How do you enter a new market that you have never been part of before? In some cases, these markets are so new that there are no guidelines to follow, things are happening in real-time. So what should you do to launch your new concept?

Some experts say the best way to achieve this is to use the “parallel play” behavior pattern of preschoolers. I know this sounds strange at first, but here is the gist of the idea. When preschoolers play together, they participate in what is known as parallel play. The children play close to each other but do not engage with each other, other than occasionally looking to see what the other child is doing. So in other words, have a plan, do what you think will help you achieve your goals, but also pay attention to what others are doing in the market space. There may be changes or patterns that are vital to your success.

That being said, here are Shachihata, we are taking on this challenge, as we are expanding into a new market — specifically hardware, DIY, and outdoors/gardening. We are excited about sharing our products, and their benefits in new and innovative ways. Our first significant step will be attending the National Hardware Show, Jan. 31 – Feb. 2, 2023, in Las Vegas. At #NHS2022, we will be showing our brand new line of professional series markers for the first time, amongst other proven winners, such as the garden marker and fabric marker. We hope you will stop by our booth, #SL10194, and see what’s new and share your thoughts and ideas.

If you’ve never heard of the National Hardware Show and have thought about diversifying, check it out. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone!

The Return of the International Personalization & Awards Expo in 2023

We’re looking forward to exhibiting at the upcoming International Personalization & Awards Expo, February 7-10, 2023 in sunny Las Vegas!  This is the first Expo since 2020, so it should be a great show. This is your chance to see all that has been going on in the Personalization and Marking industries over the past couple of years. Be sure to come by our booth (#736) and say hello, we are looking forward to seeing you again and reconnecting with the industry as a whole.

Get Your Free (non-member) Expo Pass Here!

  • Your unique promo code is: Xstamper23
  • Enter this promo code when registering for the show

We hope to see you there!

6 Lesser-Known Events That Occurred in 2022

At the end of each year, we take a moment to look back at the events of the past year. We are all aware that there has been a lot going on in our world this past year, some good and some bad. So with that in mind, here are six events you might have missed…

1 – Women Rescued Trying to Retrieve Phone

Several firefighters in the state of Washington had to pull a woman out of an outhouse after she accidentally fell into the hole after dropping her cell phone. The woman was using her phone in the Olympic National Forest when it fell into the toilet. As she tried to reach the phone with a dog leash, she fell into the toilet head first. She was pulled from the vault by firefighters using blocks as steps to reach a harness. She does not appear to have suffered any injuries.

2 – James Cromwell Glues his Hands to Starbucks Counter

James Cromwell protested the extra charge for plant-based milk at a midtown Manhattan Starbucks by gluing his hand to the counter. The 82-year-old Oscar nominee attended a protest organized by the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. In a “Free the Animals” T-shirt, Cromwell stated that vegan milk shouldn’t be charged a surcharge. As he held his hand up to the counter, he made an obscene gesture. Starbucks, according to a spokesperson, respects the right of customers to express their views as long as they don’t disrupt store operations.

3 – Man Inhales Drill during Dental Visit

Drill bits inhaled during a routine dental exam in Illinois have been removed via a rare procedure in a hospital. The dentist informed Tom Jozsi that he swallowed a tool while he was getting his tooth filled. Unfortunately, the drill bit was deep within his lung, and a CT scan showed he inhaled it. The bit was so deep that it could not be reached by a conventional scope, according to Dr. Abdul Alraiyes from Aurora Medical Center-Kenosha in Wisconsin. They were able to remove the object last month using a device designed to detect cancer early.

4 – Roman Bust Found in Texas

After years of research, experts have determined that the marble bust, which Laura Young bought for $35 from a Goodwill store in Texas in 2018, is an ancient Roman sculpture lost to Germany after World War II. The bust, currently on display at a museum in San Antonio, was found by Young at a Goodwill store in 2018. The artifact is believed to date to the first century B.C. or the first century AD when it was last seen in Germany. The museum reports that experts believe the sculpture was stolen by a soldier and taken to the United States. Next year, the bust will be returned to Germany after it is displayed in San Antonio thru 2022.

5 – Airport Prankster

Those approaching Gatwick Airport were confused after pranksters installed large letters that read “Welcome to Luton” near the approaching runway. Air passengers arriving at the UK’s second-largest airport could easily make out the 60m (197ft) sign. However, the airport at Luton is actually located approximately 75 miles to the north! Just a little added excitement for weary travelers.

6 – New and Exciting Changes at Shachihata

There have been many new and exciting developments here at Shachihata throughout 2022 that you may not be aware of. Along with our parent company in Japan, we have devised a global strategy for all of Shachihata. This means we’ll have a new focus for 2023, so keep following us to find out what new and compelling things we have in store to benefit you next year and beyond!

And with that, we wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous 2023!

Source: https://vietnaminsider.vn/11-strange-things-that-happened-in-2022-so-far/

Ten Fun Facts: Thanksgiving Edition

1. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621 over a three-day harvest festival. It included 50 Pilgrims and 90 Wampanoag Indians.

2. Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday on October 3, 1863. Sarah Josepha Hale, the woman who wrote “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” convinced Lincoln to make Thanksgiving a national holiday after writing letters for 17 years.

3. There are four places in the United States named Turkey. Louisiana’s Turkey Creek is the most populous, with a whopping 435 residents. There’s also Turkey, Texas; Turkey, North Carolina; and Turkey Creek, Arizona. Oh, let’s not forget the two townships in Pennsylvania: the creatively named Upper Turkeyfoot and Lower Turkeyfoot!

4. The average number of calories consumed on Thanksgiving is 4,500.

5. In 1953, Swanson misjudged the number of frozen turkeys it would sell that Thanksgiving – by 26 tons! Some industrious soul came up with a brilliant plan: Why not slice up the meat and repackage it with some trimmings on the side? Thus, the first TV dinner was born!

6. Butterball answers more than 100,000 turkey-cooking questions via their Butterball Turkey Hotline each November and December.

7. The tradition of football on Thanksgiving began in 1876 with a game between Yale and Princeton. The first NFL games were played on Thanksgiving in 1920.

8. Back in the day, the Europeans took a liking to the guinea fowl imported to the continent. Since the birds were imported by Turkish merchants, the English called them turkeys. Later, when the Spaniards came to America, they found a bird that tasted like guinea fowl. When they were sent to Europe, the English called these birds “turkeys” as well.

9. If Ben Franklin had his way, the turkey would be our national bird. An eagle, he wrote in a letter to his daughter, had “bad moral character.” A turkey, on the other hand, was a “much more respectable bird.”

10. In 1883, the Legislature of Liberia enacted a statute declaring this day a national holiday. Thanksgiving is celebrated in the country largely the nation’s founding in 1821 as a colony of the American Colonization Society by former slaves and free people of color from the United States.





Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s fair to say that cancer has touched the lives of all of us in some way, whether experiencing it ourselves or through the suffering of a loved one. During the year 2020 alone, the International Agency for Research on Cancer estimated there were 19.3 million new cancer cases worldwide. So as time passes, the cases continue to increase.

At the same time, scientists and researchers are working endlessly to find breakthroughs for the treatments of what seems like an endless list of cancer types. Although research takes time to achieve the smallest of breakthroughs, each one is a step forward. Not all is doom and gloom, the future for cancer patients is actually a little brighter every day.

Recently, there have been some promising advancements in the treatment of cancer and even possible cures for some cancers. In the United States, over a dozen rectal cancer patients had their cancer disappear after undergoing experimental immunotherapy at New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. The patient’s tumors vanished after being treated with an experimental drug called dostarlimab.

This trial has been called the first true cancer treatment, where the cancer is completely eliminated in every patient treated, with minimum side effects. In addition, none of these patients needed traditional treatments such as chemo, radiation, or surgery, and the disease has not returned in any of the patients.

More clinical trials are underway and will be needed to have a better understanding of this treatment over a larger group of patients and to understand the scope and effectiveness of this new breakthrough treatment.

Although this is certainly a major step in finding a cure for cancer, we still have a long way to go. We urge you to please donate to the cancer research organization of your choice. Let’s continue the fight until ALL cancer has been eliminated.

Here at Shachihata, we offer a pink pocket stamp which we donate a part of the proceeds for each stamp sold to cancer research. So if you would like to learn more about our pocket stamp and want to help cancer research at the same time, please click here.