Artline Professional Series

In our previous blog about the National Hardware Show, we mentioned our Professional Series markers, which are designed to take the guesswork out of identifying the best marker for each job. We thought we would take a moment this time to share more details about each marker in the series.

Builders Markers – 2.3mm bullet tip Builders Markers are ideal for use on wood, sandstone, styrene foam, and other rough surfaces, ensuring the right marking tool is close by regardless of the situation. A thick opaque paint ink ensures markings can be seen from a distance and won’t fade over time. And it’s UV-resistant! Available in black and white ink.

Concrete Markers – 1.5mm bullet tip Concrete Markers are instant-drying and ideal for use on rough surfaces, including concrete, brick, grout, and more. The durable, long-lasting nib ensures all markings and measurements will be done with a precision line. Available in black ink.

Electricians Markers – 0.4 fine tip / 1.0mm bullet tip twin-nib Electricians Markers offer a convenient twin tip with a non-conductive plastic barrel and ink that has both a bullet and fine nib. Ideal for use on plastic, wires, plasterboard, and electrical tags. Available in black and orange ink.

Exterior Markers – 1.5mm bullet tip Exterior Markers are designed to be used anywhere marking needs to withstand the natural elements. Ideal for use on multiple exterior surfaces such as wood, plastic, metal, and stone. Incorporates light- and UV-resistant ink that is instant-drying and long-lasting. Available in black ink.

Gardeners Markers – 2.3mm bullet tip Gardeners Markers are designed to be used for marking across the garden. From pots and plant ID tags, to the leaves themselves, Gardeners Markers are perfect for anyone with a green thumb! They are also waterproof and UV-resistant. Available in black, white, and silver.

General Purpose Markers – 1.5mm bullet tip General Purpose Markers are instant-drying permanent markers for use on a wide variety of surfaces, including steel, glass, tile, and plastic. This is the do-everything marker! Available in black and red ink.

Plumbers Markers – 1.5mm bullet tip Plumbers Markers are ideal for use on most wet surfaces, including pipes, plastic, metal, and copper. The unique, proprietary ink formula allows for marking on wet surfaces, ensuring pipes and other materials can be written on no matter the conditions. Available in black and red ink.

Be sure to stop by booth #SL10194 at the National Hardware Show #NHS2023 and see these markers for yourself. We’ll have demo stations set up, and we’d love your feedback, as we’re quite proud of this new product line!