St. Paul Stamp Works Visit

On June 20th, St. Paul Stamp Works came to visit our CA headquarters.  Marty picked up Jerry and Teresa at the airport, then we all went out to dinner at Restoration in Torrance.  We had a lovely dinner, drank some wine and sampled the local beers.  It was a great opportunity for our team to get to know their team.


The following day, June 21st, we had a very productive meeting.  We discussed the issues facing our company and theirs, found common ground and committed to continue to work with each other going forward.

Rachel and Charles are working hard:

Meeting 2

We discussed new products:

Meeting 1

And even had a little fun:

Meeting 3

After the meeting, we all went out to dinner at Depot (also in Torrance).  We had a great meal.  Avoided seafood because Teresa is wildly allergic.  And otherwise had an amazing time.


Thanks to St. Paul for coming out.  We know how difficult it is to take time away, but we’re glad we had this opportunity.


National Stationery Show 2018


We recently exhibited at the 2018 National Stationery Show in New York.  It was a great place to try to expand our reach by showing people in the stationery world how a rubber stamp can enhance greeting cards, invitations and more.


This is our booth.  We’re showing off our Xstamper QuiX machine, which can make a stamp in just a few minutes.  At NSS we focused on our monogram stamps like “save the date,” initial and address stamps (48 templates come with the machine).

We had a lot of fun and met some great people.  Thanks to NSS for having us!

JP Cooke Visit to Shachihata

On April 26th, Shachihata USA had the distinct honor of hosting John, Jim and David from The JP Cooke Company.  During the day we had a very productive meeting about where we are and where we’re going.  We both reaffirmed our commitments to one another and are looking towards a future where both companies achieve continued success.

Then we went out to dinner at the Chart House in Redondo Beach, CA.


We had great food and good fun.

Enjoyed an amazing sunset.


The night ended and we all went back to homes/hotel rooms, except for David who took a red eye back to Omaha.  I can’t imagine how tired he must’ve been.

All in all, it was truly an amazing day.  Thank you to JP Cooke for joining us!

Xstamper QuiX

I recently had the opportunity to try out our new Xstamper QuiX machine.  The Xstamper QuiX Pre-Inked Stamp Making System was a ton of fun to work with it.  It was very easy to use and in just a few minutes I was able to create a pre-inked stamp.

Design2  Assembly

The process was surprisingly simple.  I opened the software, chose my stamp size and began typing.  My font was automatically sized to fit the mount.  Once I was happy with the look of my stamp, I clicked the print button.  The cartridge tray opened, I inserted the impression die and clicked okay.  In less than a minute, the impression was complete.  I repeated the process for the label.  I inserted the die into mount, attached the label and my stamp was complete.

Check it out…

Xstamper is the World’s Greatest!…

On December 25, 2017, Xstamper® was featured on the TV series World’s Greatest!… World’s Greatest!… features only the best of the best products and services from businesses across the country.  Due to its unparalleled quality and craftsmanship, Xstamper® was chosen to represent the rubber stamp industry.

As a vertically integrated company, Shachihata controls the manufacturing process from start-to-finish.  All the components of XstamperSELRES_21b1413f-b692-4b10-96cd-ba8a7b8d0046SELRES_3378b6e8-3a60-47ea-b58e-7776c346b662®SELRES_3378b6e8-3a60-47ea-b58e-7776c346b662SELRES_21b1413f-b692-4b10-96cd-ba8a7b8d0046 sta stamps, are produced by Shachihata.  Even the select group manufacturers authorized to produce finished Xstampers have been carefully chosen because of their commitment to quality.


Everyday millions of people around the world turn to Xstamper® rubber stamps to assist them in their personal and professional lives.  They know they’ll be getting a clean, sharp laser-cut impression every time, without messy ink pads.  Each and every Xstamper® is the product of superior technology and is capable of 50,000 impressions before re-inking is necessary.  Most important of all, they know that the Xstamper® they hold in their hand comes with a lifetime guarantee.



Review: Artline Drawing System Pens


In our un-ending effort to distribute quality products, we reached out to outstanding artist and YouTuber, iiKiui (her online handle), to review the Artline Drawing System Pens.  We wanted to see how our products stacked up in the hands of someone with talent such as herself.  iiKiui provided an unbiased and honest review of these products and we appreciate her efforts.  We’re also pleased report that we did quite well.

Please take a moment to watch the video below:

Check out the final product she created with the Artline Drawing System Pens:


Find iiKiui on anyone of the following social media channels:

Vlog Channel:
Art Instagram:
Vlog Instagram:
Snapchat: iiKiui

And be sure to tell her “hi” from her friends at Shachihata.

Welcome to the Shachihata Xstamper Blog

Shachihata Xstamper has decided to launch our official blog.  We just had a meeting and decided a blog was a great way to communicate what’s new at Shachihata.  Periodically we will issue a new blog post with the latest information on the products and services we offer.

New product launch?  You’ll hear it here first.

Upcoming tradeshow?  We’ll tell you where we’re going to be and what products/services we’ll be showing.

We’ll also we be here just to share the latest happenings in and around Shachihata.  Maybe it’s an employee birthday party, a Halloween costume contest or how we’re celebrating Earth Day…whatever it is, you will find it on our company blog.

And perhaps most important, this will be a place for you to communicate with us.  Have a comment you’d like to share?  We’d love to hear from you.

We hope you’ll follow along and be a part of our new endeavor!