Good Luck in Retirement, Terry-san

In late December, we bid farewell to our friend, Terry Minato, as he rode off into the sunset of retirement. Terry had been with Shachihata USA for well over twenty years! During that time, he wore many hats, including General Manager of our New Jersey factory, CEO, and most recently, Vice President.

He was a diligent worker, a teacher, and a leader. However, Terry will be best remembered around the office for his kindness. Terry is the best of us. He was well-thought of inside the walls of Shachihata and outside. He was known by suppliers and customers alike as a thoughtful and considerate person.

We held a going-away dinner party in Terry’s honor and everyone had a great time. Bob, our CEO, gave a moving going-away speech. Terry was gracious as always. And the food was terrific. We left happy and full bellies!

Now, we’d like to introduce Terry’s replacement, “Slim” Yamada. Slim’s been with Shachihata for many years, as well. Most recently, he was in charge of our Malaysia factory. Slim has big shoes to fill, but he’s up to the task. Over the past month, he’s hit the ground running and is helping to chart a new direction for us. We’re thrilled to have him on board.

Slim Yamada

We’ll wrap up this post, saying thank you to Terry-san once was again and good luck with the next steps in your life. You will be missed! Now we leave you with an image of the quintessential Terry, laughing and enjoying life!

Terry Minato

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