A Summer of Rediscovery

After more than a year of isolation, mandates, quarantining, shutdowns, and all the other unknowns, it appears we may finally be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. And that light is the warm sunshine of summer!

Considering all that we have been through, everyone deserves a little fun and to enjoy something other than binge-watching shows from their couches.  It’s time to locate your camp gear, sports equipment, beach umbrella, suitcases, waterskis, and all your other favorite summer items that have been in storage for far too long.

What are your plans… a long overdue trip to see family members, a road trip to some long thought about location, a trip to a theme park, a resort vacation, or just some stress-free time in the great outdoors?  Or maybe something a bit more local, like visiting a nearby beach, lake or museum, catching a few movies, picnicking in the park, barbeques with friends, or hitting your favorite sports team’s games?

The possibilities are once again endless, and all your favorite activities are waiting to be enjoyed.  So get out there and soak in the sun and all that this summer has to offer. Whatever you and your family choose to do, be sure to enjoy the sunshine, be safe, and make it one to remember!

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