Review: Artline Drawing System Pens


In our un-ending effort to distribute quality products, we reached out to outstanding artist and YouTuber, iiKiui (her online handle), to review the Artline Drawing System Pens.  We wanted to see how our products stacked up in the hands of someone with talent such as herself.  iiKiui provided an unbiased and honest review of these products and we appreciate her efforts.  We’re also pleased report that we did quite well.

Please take a moment to watch the video below:

Check out the final product she created with the Artline Drawing System Pens:


Find iiKiui on anyone of the following social media channels:

Vlog Channel:
Art Instagram:
Vlog Instagram:
Snapchat: iiKiui

And be sure to tell her “hi” from her friends at Shachihata.

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